About Us

Kona Capital provides lease financing throughout the United States for both established and new companies. No matter how large or small we can customize the right financing program for you and your company. Kona Capital was established with the vision of providing full service leasing programs. We will work with our clients in educating them about the various financing structures that would best suite each business. For some this could be getting the most tax benefits, for others it could be structuring payment plans that allow them to conserve their cash through the lean months. Whatever your main goal is we can assure you that we have a program for you.

We established Kona Capital because we knew that we could do it better than any other leasing company in the United States. One of the main downfalls in the industry is that almost all leasing companies employ commissioned sale representatives, by doing this they do not have the interests of the customer as the primary focus. At Kona Capital we do not employ sales representative but rather financing consultants that have your best interest at hand. By carefully listening to our client feedback we understand that this is a common problem throughout the industry. After the lease commences there is no longer a vested interest by the sale representative to follow up with the client throughout the course of the lease.

Financing nationwide

Leasing does not have to be a headache! Let us show you how we can play a vital role in the success and growth of your business.